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Migraine Treatment

Aesthetics Clinic Kent offer treatment for chronic migraines in adults who have a history of migraine & headaches. Treatment is a neurotoxin that works by blocking pain signals, which can help alleviate painful migraine symptoms. Treatment is administered to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches by interfering with pain-associated neurotransmitters and molecules in the brain and muscles. This treatment option has been shown to effectively manage chronic migraines.


This treatment is a preventive measure for chronic migraine headaches and has been beneficial for over 5 million people with chronic migraine.  Botulinum Toxin has become increasingly popular as a migraine treatment and helps relax muscles. 


 It is important to have a consultation to understand the benefits of this treatment and if you are a suitable candidate.

This treatment helps to control migraines & headaches.

Aesthetics Clinic Borough Green
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