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What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a surgical scalpel to gently scrape the surface layers of the skin. The aim of dermaplaning is to remove dead skin cells, as well as fine vellus hair (commonly known as peach fuzz), resulting in a smoother and brighter complexion. This procedure is typically done on the face, but it can also be performed on other parts of the body.


During a dermaplaning session, your aesthetician will carefully glide the scalpel across the skin, scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells and hair. The procedure is non-invasive and relatively painless. Afterward, the skin may appear temporarily red or slightly irritated, but there is typically no downtime or recovery period necessary.


Dermaplaning is known for its exfoliating benefits. By removing the outer layer of dead skin cells, it can help improve the overall texture and tone of the skin, while also promoting the absorption of skincare products. Additionally, dermaplaning may help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as acne scars.

Here are some potential benefits of dermaplaning:

1-   Smoother and Brighter Skin: The exfoliation provided by dermaplaning can help improve the texture and tone of the skin, leaving it smoother and more radiant.

2-   Reduced Appearance of Acne Scars and Fine Lines: Dermaplaning can help minimize the appearance of acne scars, pitted skin, and fine lines. By removing the top layers of the skin, it promotes the growth of new, healthier skin cells.

3-   Clearer Pores: Dermaplaning can help unclog and clear pores, resulting in a more refined and less congested complexion.

4-   Removal of Unwanted Hair: Besides exfoliating the skin, dermaplaning can also remove vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz). This can make the skin feel smoother and create a more even makeup application.

5-   Stimulation of Collagen Production: Exfoliating the skin through dermaplaning can stimulate collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps maintain the skin's structure and elasticity, leading to a more youthful appearance.

Dermaplaning can be combined with the microneedling. This allows for maximum benefits and a healthy vibrant glow.


While dermaplaning is generally considered safe for most skin types, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain skin conditions, such as active acne or rosacea. 

Dermaplaning helps with :

-Skin Dullness

-Uneven skin texture.

-Dry and Rough Skin


-Fine Lines and Wrinkles

-Enhanced Absorption of Skincare Products

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