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Vitamin Injections

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy works by looking at health-related symptoms, and determining if these are caused, or made worse by, deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals. These could include a range of symptoms from dry skin or a rash to fatigue, insomnia, stomach pains and much more.

B12- £35.00 Once per week for 6 weeks and then monthly

Vitamin C-   £50.00 Once per month

Vitamin D-   £50.00 Single ( Every Winter)

Biotin- B7, B8 or Vitamin H - £50.00 Twice weekly for 6 weeks, then monthly

Vitamin B12 


Vitamin B12 contributes to reduction of tiredness and fatigue and contributes to energy- yielding metabolism.

You can consider B12 for:

Energy issues; Metabolism; Irritability Mood swings;  Confusion; Forgetfulness; Fogginess; Psychosis; Hallucinations or delusions; Depression; Anxiety/Panic attacks; Tension headaches; Sleep issues; Mood and cognition issues; Anemia; Energy issues; Immune system problems if you are Vegan or Vegetarian.

Within hours:

  • Mood improves

  • Sociability improves

  • Sleep improvement

Within a day:

  • Fatigue lessons

  • Energy boosted

Within a week:

  • Brain fog lifts

  • Numbness and pins and needles start to remit

Within 2 weeks:

  • Strength may return to muscles and joints

Within a month:

  • Strength and grip improves

  • Pains in hands and feet remit

  • Fertility cycles normalize

  • Thyroid and cortisol hormones normalize


Loading Dose-  1mg on alterative days for 2 weeks

Maintenance – 1 injection every three to four weeks

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C Injections deliver pure vitamin C directly into the bloodstream via an intramuscular (IM) injection. Regular Vitamin C Injections can enhance physical wellbeing and prevent the onset of illness, this is because vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that protects the body against the effects of harmful agents. 

Vitamin C is essential for Iron Absorption. Is an antioxidant, has anti-inflammatory effects alongside major skin benefits.

You can consider Vitamin for:

Lowering blood pressure & cholesterol or iron absorption

Immune system boost viral and bacterial  infections  

Treats and prevents colds and flu.

Help with healing wounds/burns/bleeding gums

For healthy bones, teeth

Accelerates healing after surgery

Collagen production & reduces onset ageing skin

Increases the absorption of non-organic iron 

Reduces the effects of many allergy-producing substances

Energy yielding

Contributes to psychological function

Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue


Loading Dose-  1mg on alterative days for 2 weeks

Maintenance – 1 injection every three to four weeks


Loading Dose-  1mg on alterative days for 2 weeks

Maintenance – 1 injection every three to four weeks

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D

You can consider Vitamin for:

Tiredness or fatigue

  • Bone pain- muscles and bones issues- helps absorb calcium/ teeth issues

  • Joint pain

  • Muscle pain

  • Sour mood

  • Low energy

  • More frequent illnesses

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Irritability

  • Weight gain

  • Hair loss

  • Sweaty scalp

  • Fertility issues

  • Skin conditions

What is it good for?

  • Normalizes cancerous cells

  • Acts as prevention and treatment  to some cancers

  • Stimulates insulin production, can prevent type 2 Diabetes

  • Reduced chances of developing coronary heart disease

  • Reduced inflammation in the blood vessels

  • Helps improve skin conditions such as psoriasis

  • Helps prevent dental problems

  • Boosts moods and improves depression

  • Maintains healthy immune system

  • Helps the body absorb calcium

  • Lowers Blood pressure 

  • Reduce risks or neurological disorders 

Dosage – 1ml ampoule of ERGOCALCIFEROL 300,000 UNITS (D2) 

Once every month 

Biotin- B7, B8 or Vitamin H


Is perfect for supporting your hair and skin health, while also contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism. 

Loading Dose – 1mg per 1ml ampoule of Biotin on alternative days for 2 weeks

Maintenance- 1 1ml injection every 3-4 weeks

Consider Biotin for:

Energy, metabolism, weight management, acne / skin conditions

Energy issues Metabolism

Irritability Mood swings Confusion, Forgetfulness Fogginess, Psychosis, Hallucinations or delusion, Depression, Anxiety/Panic attacks, Tension headaches, Sleep issues Mood and Cognition issues Anemia Energy issues

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time:

10 minutes




Not required

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